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About Psychotherapy and Counselling

My approach to therapy is principally psychodynamic/psycho-analytic, which simply means that I work from the perspective that the past is always a presence within us demanding to be understood. This involves exploring the connection between events in early life (of which we may be consciously unaware) and current disturbances and distress. Another very important principle in this approach is the highly significant effect of human relationships on our growth and development from the earliest days of life. A psycho-analytical and relational approach is very attuned to listening and noticing how these early foundations are being played out in the here and now of our relationships to others at work and in our social life.

Therapy enables the client to understand him/herself as an individual and to manage life appropriately, strengthening the inner sense of self, enabling a person to feel more confident and content. For at least some of the time, we deserve to feel a sense of fulfilment in our lives. This takes place in proportion to the amount of self-esteem we possess and our ability to be both separate individuals and to make meaningful attachments to others.

Sometimes people think that they will be given advice in order to solve their problems. A Psychotherapist, instead, is trained to create the circumstances in the therapy to allow clients to find their own truth and to be able draw the conclusions they need from this experience. Counselling and Psychotherapy provide a safe and non-judgemental environment in which to explore a wide range of issues.

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